Super-effective cleaning products
made zero-waste!
Super - easy Super - effective Super - ecological Zero - waste Zero - guilt Zero - excuse

Offer your super-effective products with the lowest footprint for the planet!
With our at-home refill system with Europe’s first 100% reusable and recyclable pouch.

Make your brand
zero-waste easily!

Our promises:

Super - easy

You take care of your brand and we take care of its circularity.

Super - ecological

Up to: 16X less CO2, 11X less water, 15X less energy.

Super - effective

Your super-effective brand made zero-waste.

Zero - waste

No single-use packaging anymore.

Zero - guilty

No more unsatisfied eco-consumers.

Zero - excuses

Zero-waste consumption has never been so easy!

How it works:

Super effective & ecological brands

Our pouches:

Europe’s first 100% re-usable and recyclable Pouch!

  • 100% réutilisable : jusqu’à 20 fois.
  • Shape designed to facilitate washing and refilling processes
  • Fully recyclable mono-material composition

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